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Poets Hostel

Walking Tours

Our walking tours are set up to deliver you the most interesting information about a specific area of interest, and to help you on how to discover the gracious city of Lisbon. To join, you can do it by signing in at the reception every day.


Sintra tour

World Heritage Site, breathless...

  • Price: 30€
  • Start: 10:00 am
  • Aproximated time: 8 hours
  • Includes: historical center, 1 Sintra tart per person, Cheese and Wine Taste, Lunch Box, Cabo da Roca and more
  • Inscriptions: on the day before - minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people.


Alfama & Flea Market Walking Tour

Get lost in the oldest & one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Bring your bargaining skills & purchase a nice souvenir from the beautiful Feira De Ladra (Flea Market)



Did you know that Lisbon is known as the city of 7 hills? Visit some of the best with us, the views are well worth it!


The Moorish Walking Tour

Discover the heavy Arabic influence that helped shape Lisbon as it is today. We will take you to Mouraria, Rossio & Alfama (Al-Hama).

Night Tours


Pub Crawl

Drinks! Live Music! Bairro Alto! Pink Street! Club(s)!!


Pub Crawl Drinks!

Live Music! Bairro Alto! Pink Street! Club!!



Originating in the early 19th century, Fado used to be sung in almost any public space, now it’s a more intimate affair, so join us tonight in one of Lisbons traditional tascas.

Van Tours

Street Art Tour
Lisbon has a diverse and talented graffiti/street art scene,
we will drive you to several locations so you can take in as much as possible

Mystical Sintra Tour
Ever been in a fairy tale?  Neither have we,
but we think this is a close as you’ll get!!

Useful Info:

Starting times:

  • Sintra + walking tours: 10:00
  • Street art: 11:00
  • Pub crawls: 23:00
  • Fado: 22:00


  • Walking Tours: 3hrs
  • Street Art: 3hrs
  • Pub Crawls: 4hrs
  • Fado: 3hrs
  • Sintra: 9hrs


  • Walking Tours: free, based only on tips
  • Street Art: 15€ 
  • Pub Crawls: 12€ (8 drinks split between beers and shots)
  • Fado: 15€ (two drinks included)
  • Sintra: 35€ (lunch, travesseiro, wine cheese jam and chouriços tasting, Cabo da Roca inluded, the most important part: Entrance fees to the monuments NOT included)
Museu Berardo
Museu Berardo

The most significant artistic movements of this the neo-vanguards: minimalism, conceptualism, post-minimalism, Land Art and Arte Povera. Permanent Exhibition (1960-1980)

Permanent exhibition
Coleção Berardo (1960-1980)
Permanent exhibition
Coleção Berardo (1960-1980)
Permanent exhibition
Instagram Contest
Instagram Contest

We are offering 2 free nights in Lisbon or Porto every month.
Use our hashtags #poetshostel and #thepoetsinn on your travel pictures.

We are accepting orders!
We are accepting orders!

Poets Hostel Customized Tote Bags.
Each one is unique, printed with wood types by YAY.

Tourist Tax
Tourist Tax

After the 1st of January 2016, 1€ per night Municipal Tourist Tax will be charged to every single Guest over 13 years old, to a maximum of 7 euros (7 overnight stays in a row, per person). This is a tax imposed by Lisbon Town Hall.

Applied to a minimum of 5 nights booked through our websites.

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